Carol Snyder
Gifted Education Facilitator/Structured Study Teacher
Lewis-Palmer Middle School

Student made documentary on Cyber-bullying.
Three websites that contain hundreds of examples of amazing projects that Kindergarten-12th grade students produced to show their learning in Denver Public Schools.

National History Day super student website example: (Sobibor Revolt)

Kelly Krumrie
GT Enrichment Coordinator
Ross Montessori School
Carbondale School
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy 5th graders in Denver, CO created a claymation video combing an author study on Roald Dahl and colonial history with the help of University of Colorado at Denver students through an ArtsBridge grant.

A Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy and University of Colorado, Denver collaboration through the ArtsBridge grant. 5th grade students at KCAA wrote, designed, created, and animated this fairy tale of a magic frog and his journey back in time!
Inspired by Ok, Go's video for their song "This too Shall Pass" 6th grade students worked in groups of 5-6 to create chain reactions. There had to be at least 5 mechanical chain reactions and each student needed to be involved. After this project, students composed a paper about how they will start a positive chain reaction in their social interactions.
Jerry Lassos
Indian Edu News broadcast
Merrill Middle School
DCIS at Ford is a large, urban public school in the far northeast in Denver Public Schools. Here, kindergartners share what they learned about trees.
Ms. D's Class Learns About Trees on PhotoPeach
What we know about fish on PhotoPeach
Witt Elementary is a small, neighborhood school in Jeffco Public Schools. This is a slideshow created by first graders.
DCIS at Ford is a large, urban public school in the far northeast in Denver Public Schools. Here, 3rd-5th grade students in the Multi-Intensive special education classroom tell a digital story about their school.